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Special Summer Send-Off

Hands down! We have the best faculty and students. Our teachers offered students a special send-off for the summer. Click on the attached link to find out more about it.

Kindergarten Registration

It's almost time for kindergarten registration for the new school year. Click on the attached link for important date information and more. We can't wait to welcome our new students to Trojan Nation!

Third-Grade Reading Assessment: Pep Rally

In preparation for the Mississippi Reading Assessment, a special celebration was held for our third graders.. Click on the attached link to enjoy some of the sights and sounds, and to get some advice for parents. You've got this!

Arts Fair

It’s been proven that exposure to The Arts helps to develop creative problem-solving skills. Click on the attached link to see how we are incorporating arts education.

Time Capsule Ceremony

Our first-graders have more than just graduation to look forward to during their senior year. Click on the attached link to find out about a time capsule, which they're set to open on a very special date.

Pre-K Registration: Now Open!

Pre-K registration is open for the LCSD 2022-20223 School Year. We look forward to welcoming our new young scholars. Click on the attached links to access an online application and find out important deadline information.

National School Counseling Week: Thanks, Ms. Coleman!

In honor of National School Counseling Week, we want to thank our dedicated counselor for her efforts. Ms. Whitney Coleman is instrumental in helping to build positive relationships that maximize each student's potential. Click on the attached link to hear from Ms. Coleman.

Monday's Motivation

Here are some reminders that we can all use. Click on the attached link to view a short video. Be sure to watch until the end.
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